Terms Conditions
1. 21 nights will be provided to every Member for five years. (One night means one room from check in to check out).
2. Duration of membership is for 5 years.
3. For 3 years member will get 5 nights to utilize and remaining 2 years member will get 3 nights to utilize.
4. Only accommodation will be provided in the membership.
5. Members will be able to use only Meerindia affiliated properties.
6. Studio Plan includes 2 adults and 2 children’s below 5 years.
7. Charges for studio plan are Rs. 25000/- inclusion of admin charges and GST.
8. Maintenance charges of Rs. 500/- will be applicable from 2nd year till termination.
9. Premium plan includes 3 – 4 adults.
10. Charges for Premium plan are Rs. 35000/- inclusion of admin charges and GST.
11. Maintenance charges of Rs. 1000/- will be applicable from 2nd year till termination.
12. Only Members and their immediate family can use the booking for 1st year only, then onwards from 2nd year only Member can use the booking.
13. MeerIndia will decide booking policies time to time and should be accepted by the Members.
14. Membership cancellation not allowed.
15. If member are not able to utilize nights for any particular year than that nights will be lapsed.
16. Members need to send booking request at least 15 days before with 2 confirm dates, all bookings is subject to availabilities. (Hotels will be provided if they are available in Meerindia’s quota.)
17. Members can avail 1 to 3 nights in single booking with maximum 3 rooms at a time.
18. Only 2 destinations will be provided other than affiliated destinations.
19. If the members fail to follow the rules and regulation of the Hotels & Resorts members will be responsible for all causes and MeerIndia Enterprises will not be responsible for the same.
20. Members also have to follow the rules of the affiliated Hotels & Resorts.
21. In affiliated rooms the extra bed charges will be as per the Hotels & resorts policy.
22. Check in/check out/ kid’s policies are as per the hotels & Resorts rule.
23. Any additional facility availed will be charged as per the hotels & resorts rules.
24. MeerIndia Holidays has all the rights to change the destinations/ resorts/ hotels at any given time without any intimation.
25. If the membership plan is closed by the company, In some circumstances, the amount will be refunded and cancelation service charge of Rs.2000/- is applicable and also the utilized room charges will be applicable then after members cannot avail the facilities or wallet update in future and the amount at the time of cancelation of membership will become zero automatically.
26. If Booking is not available on approximate 30 + affiliated properties then booking will be provided by the MeerIndia in the similar category hotel chain.
27. Complementary guidance for Flight/Hotel/Bus Booking, Group booking will be provided as per requirement.
28. After 5 year’s membership will be renewed.
29. Membership is non- transferable.
30. Bookings will be subject to availability but maximum priority will be given to them.
31. Amount once paid is Non- Refundable.
32. Affiliated properties can vary time to time of some destinations, but it would be provided in same category hotel.
33. All disputes and arbitration will be handled at Manmad-Nasik jurisdiction only.